3238+ Super Bowl Ticket Prices History

The Super Bowl Was A Treat, Then A Luxury, Now An Extravagance Even When Adjusted For Inflation, Super Bowl Tickets Cost Less Than $100 In Today’s Money Throughout Most Of The 1970S, According To.

Admission to the movies was just $1.20 and tickets for the very first super bowl topped out at $12. New houses cost an average of ten times as. Attendance will be limited this year to only 25,000 in person seats, despite a capacity of 55,000 at the raymond james stadium.

Each Year Since, Ticket Prices Have Increased On Average $70 Per Year.

Super bowl lvi locations and ticket prices here are the prices published on the different resale platforms: Well, 45 years have passed and things have changed. History of super bowl ticket prices ticket prices have increased a lot since the first super bowl in 1967.

We Took A Look At The Average Ticket Prices From The Past 52 Years To Emphasis The Magnitude In Which Prices Have Grown.

Here's how super bowl ticket prices in 2021 compare to historical prices. Well, 45 years have passed and things have changed. 35% of super bowl tickets normally are awarded to the teams playing in.